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Poor Persimmon, Silly Sharon fruit

Today livewithfruit has an encounter with the unknown. A regular shopping trip to Morrison’s has revealed something intriguing. It is time to enter the world of duel personalities and ambiguity. This fruit has two names! Please give a cautious welcome to the Sharon fruit aka the Persimmon. Shipped from Israel this is a first for livewithfruit so let’s dive in!

Firstly the Sharon fruit is not easy on the eye. Looking like an unripe Tomato with a peculiar growth sprouting up from the top it has an unappetising aura. However, in the true spirit of livewithfruit we must never judge a book by its cover. Unfortunately sometimes we should. The taste is underwhelming to say the least. Mildly sweet and lacking a fullness or body, the Sharon fruit falls flat. Livewithfruit had to buy a four pack of these and is feeling something of a Plum for doing so.

Livewithfruit had the excitement of going to a ball last week where blog regulars Tipsy Young Lady (TYL) Girl With the Black Dress (GWTBD) and livewithfilm were all in attendance. Needless to say an in-depth discussion of fruit was entered into. Considerable scorn reserved for the strawberry cheesecake but great praise for the freshness and crunch of the Grapes accompanying the cheese board.