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Killer Kiwi

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Like a dormouse waking from a long winter hibernation, livewithfruit has emerged. Groggy and confused, he struggles to focus. He lies back down unable to fathom where he is and what he is doing. Dazed and confused. Who is he? These are big questions so he hits the snooze button. Surely this can wait. But hang on! Something slowly stirs in his brain. Livewithfruit remembers! At first its a fleeting glimpse into a seemingly long lost past. Something about a Mango? Grapefruit the great fruit? What is this? And then it becomes clear. He knows what he needs to do…

Running to the cupboard it is all flooding back! Quick, there is no time to lose. The horrors of the banana, the delights of the cherry and the dark seduction of the lemon. Livewithfruit feels exhilarated. Livewithfruit feels dangerous. Livewithfruit feels alive. There it is, waiting for its loyal master, the Kiwi! (Actinidia Chinensis)

The humble Kiwi is an unassuming fruit. Aesthetically lacking it doesn’t promise Livewithfruit much. This brown hairy lump punches well above its weight in every possible way. Rich, sharp and complex the Kiwi is nothing short of a delight to sample. There is a depth and flavour to this fruit that gives it credibility and the right to sit proudly with the heavyweights of the fruit world. In many ways the Kiwi is the perfect fruit for New Zealand. Overlooked and unpretentious, if you give it the time and attention it deserves it will, for want of a better phrase, blow your mind.

Apologies for the wait. Livewithfruit is lazy has been researching…


A very special stew

Something new for today folks after a taste sensation cooked up in the kitchen needs to be promoted. It is time for the first livewithfruit recipe! Yesterday Apples were stewed and consumed. It was quite the party. Such a simple way to enhance the humble Apple from pauper to prince is to be treasured.

It is clear that when regarding the chopped up Apples liberally sprinkled with brown sugar ensures we are already onto a winner. The added joy of a splash of dark rum makes a compelling mixture. Blasted for a few minutes in the microwave the aroma is intense. The result is a decedent balancing of sweetness and tanginess cloaked in with the richness of the rum. Moreish and irresistible livewithfruit is in heaven.

Pass the spoon.

Champion Cherry

This is an exciting moment. Today comes with a guarantee of pleasure for livewithfruit. One of the finest examples of the great fruit family is ready. She is smiling at me with an air of arrogant assumption. She knows she has me and livewithfruit is trembling. This is fruit royalty and the air is charged. Let’s enter the world of the Cherry. Easy now. Breathe deep.

Oh what an appearance! Polished in a deep reddish-purple hue the Cherry is a truly noble fruit.  However, livewithfruit barely has time to appreciate the aesthetics of this wonder. Biting into the soft, sweet, sharp, juicy flesh reveals a rare combination of tenderness and unrestrained pleasure. Livewithfruit has fallen in love and is unashamed to admit it. You have to go out now and get some of these. Just prepare yourself for the ride and let go. Cherry yoghurt may be a good starter option before the real thing.

Today has been a labour of love and the perfect antidote for the disappointing Sharon fruit of yesterday. The livewithfruit journey is turning into a rollercoaster of emotion. The highs are phenomenal and the lows catastrophic. Yet this is the essence of a great journey of exploration and livewithfruit would have it no other way.

Poor Persimmon, Silly Sharon fruit

Today livewithfruit has an encounter with the unknown. A regular shopping trip to Morrison’s has revealed something intriguing. It is time to enter the world of duel personalities and ambiguity. This fruit has two names! Please give a cautious welcome to the Sharon fruit aka the Persimmon. Shipped from Israel this is a first for livewithfruit so let’s dive in!

Firstly the Sharon fruit is not easy on the eye. Looking like an unripe Tomato with a peculiar growth sprouting up from the top it has an unappetising aura. However, in the true spirit of livewithfruit we must never judge a book by its cover. Unfortunately sometimes we should. The taste is underwhelming to say the least. Mildly sweet and lacking a fullness or body, the Sharon fruit falls flat. Livewithfruit had to buy a four pack of these and is feeling something of a Plum for doing so.

Livewithfruit had the excitement of going to a ball last week where blog regulars Tipsy Young Lady (TYL) Girl With the Black Dress (GWTBD) and livewithfilm were all in attendance. Needless to say an in-depth discussion of fruit was entered into. Considerable scorn reserved for the strawberry cheesecake but great praise for the freshness and crunch of the Grapes accompanying the cheese board.

Lovely Lime

Fruit notes No. 1

The Lime

What is it? A citrus fruit typically round, green and 6-8 centimetres in diameter with an acidic pulp.

Acidic! Sounds dangerous. Don’t fret my friend the Lime has a similar acid level to cranberry and grape juice.

Phew, but what’s it used for? It has many uses but most often seen bathing in a bath of gin and tonic.

Sounds very British. Indeed during the 19th century British sailors used West Indian Limes instead of Lemons to prevent scurvy.

Guess that’s why we’re Limeys? Excellent detective work although the nickname originally came from Americans seeing green unripe Lemons in boats and wrongly assuming them to be Limes.

Do say: Ice with a slice please.

Don’t say: Pass the Lemon.


IMPORTANT – This is a tribute to the excellent pass notes section in the Guardian.

On the radio! 12.00 – 13.00 Today!

Amazing Apple juice

Today we break from the norm. Livewithfruit is writing for the first time from the David Wilson library, 3rd floor blue zone and is pressed for time from a looming deadline. No fear fruit lovers you will still get your fix as we indulge in a livewithfruit first – a juice!

The Apples in the bottle were even more pressed than livewithfruit. They were so pressed that they gave into the pressure and transformed. Together they combined created a beautifully rich golden liquid which tastes sublime. Slightly sharp but always smooth the liquid apples flows into the body with incredible ease. Livewithfruit is satisfied. Delicious.

This has been a short post and my apologies but the needs of an essay are calling and books need to be read and words need to be written. However, livewithfruit is excited to inform you that he will be on Leicester University student radio at 12.00 tomorrow guest hosting the excellent better than nothing show. Tune into LUSH folks!