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Killer Kiwi

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Like a dormouse waking from a long winter hibernation, livewithfruit has emerged. Groggy and confused, he struggles to focus. He lies back down unable to fathom where he is and what he is doing. Dazed and confused. Who is he? These are big questions so he hits the snooze button. Surely this can wait. But hang on! Something slowly stirs in his brain. Livewithfruit remembers! At first its a fleeting glimpse into a seemingly long lost past. Something about a Mango? Grapefruit the great fruit? What is this? And then it becomes clear. He knows what he needs to do…

Running to the cupboard it is all flooding back! Quick, there is no time to lose. The horrors of the banana, the delights of the cherry and the dark seduction of the lemon. Livewithfruit feels exhilarated. Livewithfruit feels dangerous. Livewithfruit feels alive. There it is, waiting for its loyal master, the Kiwi! (Actinidia Chinensis)

The humble Kiwi is an unassuming fruit. Aesthetically lacking it doesn’t promise Livewithfruit much. This brown hairy lump punches well above its weight in every possible way. Rich, sharp and complex the Kiwi is nothing short of a delight to sample. There is a depth and flavour to this fruit that gives it credibility and the right to sit proudly with the heavyweights of the fruit world. In many ways the Kiwi is the perfect fruit for New Zealand. Overlooked and unpretentious, if you give it the time and attention it deserves it will, for want of a better phrase, blow your mind.

Apologies for the wait. Livewithfruit is lazy has been researching…


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  1. skin or no skin?

    • Are you mad Aussie Eve? The skin? Madness, Insanity. Either you are one hell of a loose cannon or you need to to get that head looked at.

      • Hmmm, sometimes I do, most times I don’t 🙂 One of my cousins introduced me to the wonders of not dirtying cutlery in order to enjoy the kiwi (aka. Chinese gooseberry) – brilliant for a person as lazy as moi!

  2. He lives…………long live livewithfruit


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