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Champion Cherry

This is an exciting moment. Today comes with a guarantee of pleasure for livewithfruit. One of the finest examples of the great fruit family is ready. She is smiling at me with an air of arrogant assumption. She knows she has me and livewithfruit is trembling. This is fruit royalty and the air is charged. Let’s enter the world of the Cherry. Easy now. Breathe deep.

Oh what an appearance! Polished in a deep reddish-purple hue the Cherry is a truly noble fruit.  However, livewithfruit barely has time to appreciate the aesthetics of this wonder. Biting into the soft, sweet, sharp, juicy flesh reveals a rare combination of tenderness and unrestrained pleasure. Livewithfruit has fallen in love and is unashamed to admit it. You have to go out now and get some of these. Just prepare yourself for the ride and let go. Cherry yoghurt may be a good starter option before the real thing.

Today has been a labour of love and the perfect antidote for the disappointing Sharon fruit of yesterday. The livewithfruit journey is turning into a rollercoaster of emotion. The highs are phenomenal and the lows catastrophic. Yet this is the essence of a great journey of exploration and livewithfruit would have it no other way.


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  1. Your best one yet, going out to buy some now.


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