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Lovely Lime

Fruit notes No. 1

The Lime

What is it? A citrus fruit typically round, green and 6-8 centimetres in diameter with an acidic pulp.

Acidic! Sounds dangerous. Don’t fret my friend the Lime has a similar acid level to cranberry and grape juice.

Phew, but what’s it used for? It has many uses but most often seen bathing in a bath of gin and tonic.

Sounds very British. Indeed during the 19th century British sailors used West Indian Limes instead of Lemons to prevent scurvy.

Guess that’s why we’re Limeys? Excellent detective work although the nickname originally came from Americans seeing green unripe Lemons in boats and wrongly assuming them to be Limes.

Do say: Ice with a slice please.

Don’t say: Pass the Lemon.


IMPORTANT – This is a tribute to the excellent pass notes section in the Guardian.


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  1. Try better next time

    You are better than this!

    • This was ment to be a tribute to livewithfruit’s favourite part of the G2 not to start copying it. The usual style will be back tomorrow. Unlike Led Zeppelin I have been careful to credit my influences. A lawsuit would be very undesirable although possibly good for publicity…


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