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Amazing Apple juice

Today we break from the norm. Livewithfruit is writing for the first time from the David Wilson library, 3rd floor blue zone and is pressed for time from a looming deadline. No fear fruit lovers you will still get your fix as we indulge in a livewithfruit first – a juice!

The Apples in the bottle were even more pressed than livewithfruit. They were so pressed that they gave into the pressure and transformed. Together they combined created a beautifully rich golden liquid which tastes sublime. Slightly sharp but always smooth the liquid apples flows into the body with incredible ease. Livewithfruit is satisfied. Delicious.

This has been a short post and my apologies but the needs of an essay are calling and books need to be read and words need to be written. However, livewithfruit is excited to inform you that he will be on Leicester University student radio at 12.00 tomorrow guest hosting the excellent better than nothing show. Tune into LUSH folks!


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  1. Where have you gone? Have you got scurvey due to your week off fruit? We are concerned………..


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