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A precious Pear

Livewithfruit is conscious of its international outlook. The search for fruit has reached all round the world. Indeed like a sailor has a girl in every port, livewithfruit has a fruit from every country and much less risk of disease. However, it is time to dock the good ship fruit in home waters. Today we go to the English countryside to sample an English treasure. It’s time for the home comfort of the Pear (Pyrus communis).

What a treat it is to dig into this delight. Soft, sweet and gentle the Pear offers no resistance. There is none of the fight of the Lemon or the kick of the Grapefruit in this delicious morsel. Livewithfruit loves a test but sometimes it’s just simple home-grown goodness that can hit the spot with aplomb. The Pear wraps the eater in a warm embrace, cushioning the taste buds and massaging the throat. To think such pleasure can be yours for a mere 35 English pence.

This focus on English produce is not a sign that livewithfruit has taken an isolationist approach to choosing fruit. The dangers of this policy have been all too apparent in US foreign policy between the wars and livewithfruit doesn’t want to snub the League of Fruit in a similar way.* Therefore at the end of this very month livewithfruit will be taking a research trip to the lovely city of Krakow in Poland in the search for rare Eastern fruits. It will be a great adventure and you will be sure to read all about it here!

*History joke


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  1. “hit the spot with aplomb” … is that a hint of delights to come??????


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