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Luscious Lemon

Well here we are folks. Livewithfruit is back after two days in the wilderness. Lost and afraid. Stumbling and blind there is only one fruit that can put livewithfruit back on track. Something bland is not an option. Something exotic is too much of a treat after two lazy days. A wake up call is needed and only one fruit is up to the job. Can the Lemon (Citrus Limon) please come forward?

Wowzers! Crikey! Strewth! What a zing. Livewithfruit’s tongue is alive with a symphony of citric acid. The tartness is blasting the mouth in an unrelenting fashion. Hold on, we are going to have to ride this out. This is a fruit that affirms what it means to be alive. It holds nothing back and gives no quarter. The fleshy interior is almost difficult to bite into but livewithfruit is no coward and emerges victorious and battered. The Lemon has punished and pleasured and livewithfruit is grateful.

It has been a humbling experience to receive the messages (yes there has been more than one) inquiring as to the next entry in this blog during the pause. Last night a tipsy young lady demanded more and livewithfruit is only too pleased to provide.


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  1. Fantastic fruit fun! Cannot wait for tomorrow

  2. A little tart?

  3. Tipsy young lady

    FINALLY! If you think you’ve been lost in the wilderness then think how we’ve all been feeling!

  4. Remember what happened to Lennon

  5. Thats correct – not Lemon, Lennon

  6. Luscious Lemon seems like it can improve one’s love life!! God knows what will happen when you get to bananas

    • Indeed it can Geronimo and it certainly can explain many a Sicillian baby. Unfortunatly bananas proved to be boring for livewithfruit check out the boring banana post for an in depth review.


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