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Curious Clementine

It is time to re-enter the realm of the English supermarket. Don’t worry – there are plenty more tropical surprises to come but for now let’s hold the mustard. The word on the street is that Asda house some of the finest Clementines (Citrus Reticulata) in the UK. This is the type of rumour that excites livewithfruit so without further ado let’s crack on with the Clementine.

The Clementine presents a formidable challenge to any potential suitor. First it requires patience to peel off the waxy orange skin and then the stringy white bits need careful plucking. The reward however, is bountiful. Pleasingly acidic and beautifully refreshing the tender segments provide a much needed pick me up in the November cold. The Clementine is an absolute jewel of a fruit and the sparkle continues long after eating.

The effect this fruit has had on Europe is profound, being loved and loathed in equal measure. The Clementine is very popular in France both as a fruit and as a girl’s name. However, in Germany it is considered to bring bad luck and must always be eaten in twos. The Italians consider the Clementine to be a symbol of fertility yet in Spain it is frequently part of buffets at funerals. Livewithfruit continues to be amazed and humbled by the role fruit can play in different cultures and identities. This first week has been a blast, let’s hope for many more!


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  1. … it inspired me to grab some clementines!


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