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Disappointing Dragon fruit

Today marks a week of livewithfruit and a big thank you to all you lovely readers and subscribers. To mark this occasion we have a fruit with a powerful name. It is time to enter the Dragon fruit (Hylocereus undatus). Wow what a title! Surly livewithfruit is in for a treat!

Er well no not really. What a disappointment this fruit proves to be. Granted it looks incredible and when cut the seeds speckle the white flesh like a thousand stars. The Dragon fruit is a window into a far off tropical world. However, the grim tasteless reality quickly brushes aside any lingering hopes of a dip into the equatorial sunshine. Dull and mushy this fruit is a big disappointment and offers no depth of flavour at all.

The Dragon fruit is the edible version of those disillusioned folk who buy a Saxo and invest in a noisy exhaust and go faster rims. They make a scene and everyone notices them. Unfortunately so much investment into exterior appearance can never make up a fundamental lack personality or sense. They are the Dragon fruits of society.


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