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Introducing the Rambutan…

Livewithfruit is shaking with excitement. The greengrocer has delivered and then some. Today we depart from the normal. Today we enter the unknown. Today we are presented with the first of six exotic fruits. Drum roll please and give it up for the Rambutan (Nephelium lappaceum). The name comes from the Malay word for hairy and there is no way to get round the fact that this fruit looks like a red testicle.

So first it is a tentative slice with the knife to reveal the pearl coloured flesh of the fruit underneath the skin. The internet reliably informs the flesh to be nibbled avoiding the stone. This advice was followed to the letter. As for the taste it is simply mildly tropical and sweet. The shock factor of this fruit is it’s certainly in its exuberant exterior and not in its pleasant but slightly underwhelming taste.

There are five more strange fruit left given to livewithfruit by his exclusive London contact. The Rambutan is an excellent start and the specimens in the box are tantalising to the max. One is banned in Chinese restaurants due to its potent smell and the irremovable stain from its juices. (This is actually true) Watch this space!


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  1. Is this a lychee?

    Tucker x

  2. OMG – would not like to see your testicles


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