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Boring Banana

Today should have been very exciting for livewithfruit with yesterday’s promise of a selection of exotic fruits from an Islington greengrocer. Unfortunately things didn’t work out and it is with great regret that livewithfruit is forced to present the Banana (Musa Sapientum). Oh the poor old Banana, lying in the bowl with no real friends, always the last milkshake to be chosen and cursed with that quite peculiar smell.

The taste is not complex and provides little to enthuse the connoisseur or even the most amateur of fruit tasters. Purely functional this fruit delivers its vitamins with barley a nod of acknowledgment. Yet perhaps this is perversely its strength. Sometimes livewithfruit wants his essential B12 without a party, glitz or glamour. Indeed after a long day a simple Banana can act as a familiar comfort blanket. Dull but dependable, bright but boring the Banana can just about hold its own.

However, the past has not always been so predictable. The Banana was very nearly classified as a vegetable in the great fruit dispute in 1913. The following year a group of Serbian nationalists assassinated Archduke Franz-Ferdinand who was an avid supporter the vegetable claims. By the end of the summer Europe was consumed by conflict.


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  1. Bananas contain no b12 since its only found in animal products

    • Thanks for the fact Topaz. This is what livewithfruit needs – commentators with vision, clarity and an obsession with the truth. You get a shiney starfruit to pin on your wall.


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