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A punch with a Peach is better than none

It is with great excitement that livewithfruit is, and will be reporting from the big smoke until Saturday. The vibe is intense. The city is alive, pulsating even. The streets are paved with dreams and the sky rich with promise. Livewithfruit needs calm and for this there is only one option. Step forward the humble Peach (Prunus Persica)

The Peach offers the eater something refined. It is unassuming in appearance yet is unrelenting in flavour. The curious furry coat is a test for the committed. Ignore this bluff and bite in. Relish the tang of the citrus as its rich, sweet juices rush together to dance over the tongue and ignite the soul.

It is precisely this soul warming flavour that has allowed the Peach to enter the hearts of the British public and become a staple in the fruit bowl. Indeed the Peach reflects the essence of humanity. It is difficult to understand, sometimes bitter yet always sweet at the core.

It is with this rather lacklustre entry that livewithfruit must sign off to meet the deadline. However, discussions with a lovely greengrocer in Islington could yield spectacular results tomorrow… watch this space!


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