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Blueberry bust up

Today folks, it is time to go small. It runs in the family as livewithfruit’s brother is a PhD student in the field of nanotechnology. However, we will be visiting a different field in the far off land of Argentina in which Berries Del Plata grows his Blueberries (Vaccinium ovalifolum) for Sainsbury’s.

It is with a heavy heart that livewithfruit reports its first negative encounter. To put it simply, the Blueberry just doesn’t deliver. There was a complete lack of any consistency or depth of flavour within the 150g packet. Some were sharp and some were sweet but all were disappointing. If livewithfruit had wanted sweet and sour he would have had a Chinese. To compound the pain it cost a whole three of the Queens finest for this abomination. Bah.

As noted before these Blueberries come from Argentina. The frosty relations between the two nations need no further encouragement. In fact, since the opening of the archives on the 1982 conflict it has become clear that one of the factors of Argentinean aggression was the loss of face during the summer of 1981’s South Atlantic summer fruit competition. Argentina was handsomely beaten in all categories by a late entry from a farmer of British Falkland Blueberries.


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  1. So sad 😦 I am guessing Australian blueberries are superior. Don’t they grow them in UK?


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