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Grapefruit the Greatfruit

The follow up for the Mango was always going to be a difficult task for any fruit to live up to. However, livewithfruit is convinced today’s fruit to be a solid contender. Please give a warm welcome to the Grapefruit (Citrus Paradisi).

Truly the ying to the Mango’s yang the Grapefruit does not teach seduction or softness. This fruit is sharp, ticklish and vicious to the tongue. It is dangerous and uncertain. The acidity of the juice combined with the almost crumbling nature of the flesh is nothing short of a taste sensation. Imagine swallowing a live firework with a gunpowder chaser and you have the Grapefruit.

It is worth giving thanks to the state of Florida for producing today’s example. First arriving there in 1809 this maverick fruit took off and soon became a great American classic. Indeed Abraham Lincoln was so taken by the fruit that he ate one every day, a habit repeated during the Kennedy years. Kim Jong-Il is also evidently a big fan of the Grapefruit after being served one at a banquet with Putin although this is unconfirmed. Livewithfruit will keep a close eye on this story.


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