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Mango madness

The first fruit was a no brainer. What is more magnificent than the Mango? (Magnifera indica) It offered livewithfruit a perfect start to the odyssey. The desert island staple is neither a mad wacky fruit, nor is it an Apple or Banana. The Mango straddles the exotic and the mundane, a brief pause from the daily grind with a kiss from the tropics.

Let’s start with the kiss. Almost sickly sweet but with a slight acidity gives the Mango a seductive flavour. It pulls you in bite by bite and livewithfruit surrendered easily. The soft texture is almost creamy and melts in the mouth with ease. The Mango is a joy, pure and simple.

Want to try one? Yes you do. Good news is that I picked this specimen up from a Tesco Express for less than a quid. Indeed, Tesco offer the best Mangos in the country after winning a trade dispute with Asda over the cultivation of Mangos from the tiny tropical island of Wai’kai in the South Pacific. Well drained soil, given the full eight meter spacing between plants and handpicked by the head grower Mr Umbongo, these Mangos are quite simply the best available in the UK. He uses meditative growing techniques unique to the Wai’koi tribe to encourage a fuller flavour and greater sweetness helping ensure the Mangos of Wai’kai will hold their position in the Mango market for the foreseeable future.


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